Why 'Tanker vs. Cancer'?

I've always been fascinated by military vehicles, especially tanks and other tracked vehicles. I am very interested in the technical aspects, as well as the raw power and daunting force a large calibre radiates. I have built model tanks as a hobby for a while, and that made way for playing videogames like World of Tanks, a videogame where you can control your own tank. I think this change occurred because it was easy to start and stop. It's not that I have given up on model tanks completely, but mostly because of the energy it requires due to my illness.

With the immunotherapy I hope to regain full control of my own body and health, in other words, my tank (which is also my immune system) to fire away at the cancer cells. I'm planning to put out some videos through YouTube in the near future so I can update my friends, family, acquaintances, donors and fellow sufferers on the progress I have made in fighting this disease and on the treatments I receive. I feel that it's important to be in personal contact with you as much as possible and I think vlogging will be the ultimate tool for that. I want to be recognizable and personalize the channel to connect my hobbies to my illness, hence Tanker vs. Cancer.